Welcome to 'Her Majesty’s Pleasure'

My Rules

Phone enquiries will be handled in a respectful manner however Your Mistress is not a FREE sex chat service so i will not engage in long conversations over the telephone

Mistress Dita will not answer Withheld Numbers or Text Messages

If you book with Mistress Dita you ARE expected to attend. If you cancel with plenty of notice then I may consider future bookings, however should you not show up, I will save your number as a time waster and any future calls shall be ignored

I pride Myself on pristine hygiene, so poor personal cleanliness from a slave will not be permitted - where possible YOU WILL undertake deep internal cleansing for any bookings involving strap on or Anal play

Do not ask to use Mistress Dita's shower facilities as this is NOT permitted unless I see fit

ANY booking over an Hour will warrant a 50% Booking fee in advance

Mistress Dita is vaccinated against blood/fluid Bourne viruses, you will notify me prior to a booking if you have any concerns

You MUST declare PRIOR to attendance if you have any Medical conditions that could affect a session, for example: Epilepsy, Allergies etc. This is for your welfare during the session

Mistress Dita accepts no responsibility for any domestic problems caused by you attending a session with Me, a Disclaimer will be signed upon arrival. All information is strictly confidential

You will be expected to provide identification if I think you look young. Failing to do so will result in you being sent away, minus your Tribute

For activities including Water sports and Hard sports, YOU will pay extra. Contact Mistress Dita for Fees

If you are 'running late' this will come out of your booking time as I have other appointments to consider

Tributes should be handed to your Mistress upon introduction

Tributes in gift form are also expected...Mistress Dita has expensive taste

Your Mistress loves Champagne and Agent Provocateur Fragrances...Spoil me, Visit my Amazon Wishlist

About Mistress Dita

About Mistress Dita

'My name is Dita...I'll be your Mistress tonight...'


Her Majesty's Pleasure now has beautiful male and female subs that can used during sessions. Contact Mistress for more information and prices


I am a statuesque 5"11 in high heels, with a curvy size 14 hourglass figure and I dress to accentuate my shape for your viewing pleasure


Domination has been My Life Professionally for the past 10 Years and at 50, I plan to stay in The Sex Industry for some time to come...I WONT however have sex with you unless you are Tom Hardy...


I have Chambers in Hull but Tour Nationally and Internationally. Contact Me if you would like to Sponsor My next Trip


I have always been Dominant, I simply adore what I do and I respect the fact that my lifestyle is protected by those that are willing to submit to Me, and I enjoy this way of life for the responsibility it brings as well as the rewards


As a Former Kick boxer I am physically fit and have a toned body, you will enjoy worshipping me. Your Mistress is also extremely strong...


I am strict and pleasure through pain is indeed the skill of a true Mistress, My pleasure comes from making you submit to Me totally. Your Mistress is Stunningly Evil


I am The Ultimate true Goddess of Erotica


Do not waste My time, it is a very important commodity. Do not contact Mistress unless you are a serious sub or slave who wishes to worship me


Your Beautiful Mistress will verbally, publicly and physically humiliate you, your place will be at my feet. You will worship and obey


By appointment only. 8am till 10pm, 7 days a Week. Same day appointments may be available


All Toys and Equipment used by Mistress Dita are Clinically Sanitised pre and post use. Condoms are also used to protect the Health of Myself and my slaves


A full consultation will take place PRIOR to all Sessions


ONLY Email Mistress Dita with details of your requirements IF YOUR CALL IS NOT ANSWERED


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