Italian Tour


You can catch Me in Milan & Verona from 16th-20th of March

All applications are accepted in the form of email

I am SO excited to have you Italian Stallions at My disposal


mistress dita

BDSM Multi Domme Party news...


The famous Domina Parties North are back on in Hull for 2018

Add this date to your Diaries...

March 10. Miss Amor & I will have Sheffield's @StryxDominion as the Feature Domme for the 1st of our 4 dates this year

At this kinky Party there will be 2 themes. 12-3pm 'Invasion' for all of you anal lovers, forced bi for the curious and general arse play. 5-8pm 'Adoration' will include Domina body Worship, general servitude & maid training

For all enquiries please ping Me an email & I will send you out Our application document

Come have fun with We Queens...these really are a Hoot

mistress dita in white lingerie

Paris Extravaganza Garcons...

Bonjour you saucy French Subs...

Join Me in Central Paris From The 7th until The 12th of September

I am accepting applications for Real Time Domination and Dinner Dates

See you soon Beautiful Francais


Las Vegas Mayhem

I will be taking Las Vegas by storm

Sessions available from 4th to 11th dec 2016

I have a private suite on the strip where I would love you to join me

The amazing princess seva from LA is flying over to work with me, contact either of us to book

The awesome Ms V will also be joining me from Arizona. You may book through her or myself

Catch her on twitter @Msvampailcious. We are seeking boys for Servitude, filming slaves, ATM meets, dinner dates, Body Worship etc. I cannot wait to play with you American boys

Multi Domme Party time again boys...

This time Miss Lola Von J and I are hosting another one of Our famous Domina parties in Dudley

This will take place on Saturday 1st October from 7pm to 10pm at the Valhalla Club

Miss Julia Taylor cannot attend this Soiree so We have an amazing new guest Domme... Watch this space!

You can book by Emailing Me at:

The price for this multi Domme party is £180

See you there

FAQ'S & Slave Feedback (and yes... These are all real questions)

  • Q. Can I smash your back doors in?

    A. Can I punch you clean in the throat? To which the twat waffle replied 'why not, it says you do anal'

    For anyone else out there who is also fecking derranged, this means I smash your back doors in, not the other way round

  • Q. Can I suck all the milk from your Tits as it says you do milking?

    A. A. I am not Lactating
    B. If I was that would be really Freaky
    C. Am I a Window Licker magnet?
    D. Jog on before I hunt you down and lay you out

  • Q. Do you do a 15 Min "quickie" shag?

    A. Well in 15 minutes Mistress Dita could bend you up like a Deck Chair then bounce you straight out the door...

    Stop asking cretins

  • Q. What about leaving marks?

    A. Mistress Dita will discuss all areas such as this PRIOR to your session. My stamp will only be left if you have not sold your soul to someone else and you consent to this

  • Q. Does Mistress Dita offer Hardsports?

    A. Yes, read my profile and stop asking

  • Q. Will Mistress Dita Fist Me?

    A. Yes, read my profile, Have you seen the size of my hands and arms though? Bring it on...

  • Q. Does Mistress Dita "do oral"

    A. Only if you are Tom Hardy

    READ my Profile and stop being a knob

  • Q. Do you do Role play?

    A. Yes within reason…however, I will never play your Bitch with you as my Master so give your head a wobble before you think about asking

  • Q. Does Mistress Dita offer a Cross Dressing service?

    A. Yes I do. I have a full dress up wardrobe including Cosmetics, lingerie, Footwear and Wigs. If you require a certain something special then simply mail me with your requirements

  • Q. Are you discrete if I make a booking?

    A. As I am self employed, the reputation of my Business (Her Majesty’s Pleasure) is my highest priority. I can guarantee total discretion, professionalism and assurance that you will never leave disappointed

  • Q. Will Mistress Dita let me have sex with Animals during a session?

    A. Not in my lifetime son plus it is illegal. The only Animals I abuse are men

  • Q. If I pay Mistress £5000 will she cut my/my partners cock off?

    A. Now that I would do for free however it is illegal...shame

  • Q. “wil u fuk me asap”

    A. I wouldn’t touch you with yours...unless it's you Tom. Jog on, learn to spell

  • Q. Can you take a look at my cock? It's very small and I have trouble having anal sex

    A. This is not Embarrassing Bodies

  • Q. I would like Massage oh and Personal Services

    A. There are some EPIC Escorts in Hull that I am happy to recommend. I'd be shit!

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