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A. I am not Lactating
B. If I was that would be really Freaky
C. Am I a Window Licker magnet?
D. Jog on before I hunt you down and lay you out

Well in 15 minutes Mistress Dita could bend you up like a Deck Chair then bounce you straight out the door...

Stop asking, cretins

Mistress Dita will discuss all areas such as this PRIOR to your session. My stamp will only be left if you have not sold your soul to someone else and you consent to this

Yes, read my profile and stop asking

Yes, read my profile, Have you seen the size of my hands and arms though? Bring it on...

Only if you are Tom Hardy

READ my Profile and stop being a knob

Yes within reason…however, I will never play your Bitch with you as my Master so give your head a wobble before you think about asking

Yes I do. I have a full dress up wardrobe including Cosmetics, lingerie, Footwear and Wigs. If you require a certain something special then simply mail me with your requirements

As I am self employed, the reputation of my Business (Her Majesty’s Pleasure) is my highest priority. I can guarantee total discretion, professionalism and assurance that you will never leave disappointed

Not in my lifetime son plus it is illegal. The only Animals I abuse are men

Now that I would do for free however it is illegal...shame

I wouldn’t touch you with yours...unless it's you Tom. Jog on, learn to spell

There are some EPIC Escorts in Hull that I am happy to recommend. I'd be shit!